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Medicare Dual Special Needs Plan Product in 2023

Audience: Participating Providers and Facilities

We would like to share exciting news regarding our intent to offer a new Medicare Advantage plan    in 2023 (pending approval by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and New York State Department of Health).

A dual special needs plan, or D-SNP, is a type of Medicare Advantage plan that focuses on vulnerable populations with special needs, referred to as dual eligible beneficiaries, because they are eligible for  benefits from both Medicare and Medicaid.  

The total population of dual eligible beneficiaries continues to grow, highlighting the need for this critical program, which provides enhanced supplemental benefits and more comprehensive, individualized care coordination.

The main goals of a D-SNP:

  • Better health outcomes for vulnerable individuals
  • Increased access and affordability of health care needs
  • Improved care coordination across health care settings
  • Appropriate use of services for preventive and chronic conditions


It’s important to note that providers currently participating with our Medicare Advantage line of business will be considered “in network” for D-SNP, and we will use currently contracted rates at the time the D-SNP is rolled out.  

Additional information regarding the new D-SNP product offering will be shared upon receipt of CMS and NYSDOH approval. In the meantime, please contact your Provider Relations representative with any questions.  

We look forward to collaborating with you to offer this new high-quality, affordable health coverage to our valued members.

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