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Upcoming Member Identification Card Changes

Audience: All Providers

We would like you to be aware that many of our members will soon begin receiving new Member Cards, due to enhanced requirements issued by the NYS Department of Financial Services (DFS).  

The changes will apply to members who have fully insured, commercial coverage and to some self-funded groups. Card issuance will be upon renewal beginning April 22, 2021 and continuing until April 30, 2022. Only members with medical and combined medical with pharmacy coverage will receive new cards. We recommend that you check Member Cards at every visit.

Among the Enhancements:

  • Member Cards will be sent to all subscribers AND dependents*
    • Subscribers will continue to receive two member ID cards. Each dependent will receive his/her own Member Card mailed in its own envelope, regardless of age.
  • ID cards will include the following additional information:
    • Plan’s provider network name
    • Urgent care copay or coinsurance
    • Pharmacy copay and/or coinsurance for a 30-day retail supply, if applicable
    • Plan’s pharmacy formulary name, if applicable
    • Coinsurance for PCP, specialist, and emergency room, if applicable
  • Language stating coverage is fully insured, if applicable
  • Language stating coverage is self-funded, if applicable 

*Important note: Dependent patients in the company of a parent do not need to present their own card. The subscriber’s card suffices. 

Additional federal guideline changes will further impact Member Cards for fully insured and self-funded groups beginning with renewals on January 1, 2022 and after. We will share more information as it becomes available.

Thank you for the care that you provide to our valued members.



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