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Requesting Additional Visits in CareAdvance Provider® Tool

Audience: Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists and home care providers

Please remember when requesting additional visits for an existing authorization in CareAdvance Provider, you must complete the following steps:

  • Locate and open the authorization entry. Be sure you have the correct provider in focus in the top right corner using the drop-down arrow.
  • Locate the “Service” section and click “Add Service Copy Providers.”
  • Complete the required fields and click “Submit.”
  • Locate the “Case Communication” section and click “Create New.”  Attach any pertinent records and type a message, including your name and contact information.

Refer to our CareAdvance Provider Navigation Guide for additional assistance.

Additional Reminders 
Use CPT 97164 for all physical therapy authorization requests.
Use CPT 97168 for all occupational therapy authorization requests.
Use CPT 92507 for all speech therapy authorization requests.
Use CPT T1001 for all home care requests.

If you have an authorization that was entered originally using our Clear CoverageTM tool, it remains valid.  However, if you need to request additional visits, you must create a new authorization request in CareAdvance Provider. Be sure to reference the original Clear Coverage authorization number in the Case Communication section of the new authorization, as well as the appropriate end date of the original Clear Coverage request, if applicable (based on the last date of service). 

If you have questions, please contact your Provider Relations representative.

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