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Important Details Regarding CareAdvance Provider® Tool Launching February 3

Audience: All Providers

Our new electronic preauthorization system — CareAdvance Provider, is scheduled to be ready for use February 3, 2020, for requesting preauthorizations for the Safety Net line of business. This includes:  Medicaid Managed Care (Medicaid Managed Care (Univera Healthcare MyHealthSM), Child Health Plus, HARP (Univera Healthcare MyHealth PlusSM and Essential Plan members.

As shared in our September 23, 2019 bulletin, this web-based software tool will be introduced in phases and will replace our current tool, Clear CoverageTM.

Please take the following steps to start using CareAdvance Provider:

  • Log-in to and click on the Authorizations tab at the top of your screen

  • Click on the CareAdvance Provider link and enter your NPI and Facets ID

A navigation guide with step-by-step instructions for using the CareAdvance Provider tool will be available at  Find the guide under the CareAdvance Provider link on the Authorizations tab.

Reminder: The CareAdvance Provider tool will be available for commercial and Medicare Advantage lines of business later in 2020. We will provide you with 90-days advance notice.

Please share this important information with your office manager and any staff who handles preauthorization requests.

Contact your Provider Relations representative with any questions or to arrange staff training.                 

Thank you for the quality of care and service that you provide to our valued members.

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