Administrative Policy effective January 1, 2020

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Utilization Management Preauthorization List Updates

Audience: Participating Providers and Facilities

During a recent audit of our medical preauthorization list, we found that a number of codes were inadvertently omitted from the list included on our website, titled “Utilization Management Standard Clinical Review Preauthorization List.”  

We have and continue to require preauthorization for the codes which were inadvertently omitted from the list, and had previously provided advance notice of the need for preauthorization for these codes.   

The codes which were inadvertently omitted have been included on the current preauthorization list, which is posted to our website,  These services are shaded in gray to make them easier to distinguish.

Please share this important information with anyone in your practice or facility who should be aware.

We apologize for any confusion this oversight may have caused in your day-to-day business with us.

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