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Juneteenth and Independence Day Pay Cycle Update

Audience: Participating Physicians, Practitioners, Facilities and Hospitals

Univera Healthcare will be closed on Friday, June 18, 2021, in observance of Juneteenth. There will be no pay cycle schedule changes due to Juneteenth. Univera Healthcare will also be closed on Monday, July 5, 2021, in observance of Independence Day. There will be a...

Telehealth Payment Parity Through March 31, 2022

Audience: All Participating Providers

As a health plan, we want to ensure the viability of providing appropriate medical services via  telehealth while also ensuring access to medical and behavioral health services. While we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, we realize that our members...

Zelis Payment Delay

Audience: Participating providers

Due to an internal processing error, payments through Zelis® for the week ending May 21, 2021, are delayed as follows: Payment type Original date New date ACH electronic bank payments Thursday, May 27 ...

Utilization Management Program-Preauthorization Update

Audience: Physical Therapists

We would like to share updates with you regarding preauthorization under our Utilization Management (UM) Program. This update applies to Medicaid Managed Care and HARP member contracts that require preauthorization.  The UM Program gives Univera Healthcare and its...

Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) and Anesthesia Coverage for Dental Services Policy Update

Audience: Participating Dental Care Providers and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Univera Healthcare Corporate Medical Policy (CMP) 7.03.01 addresses medical coverage for outpatient facility and ambulatory surgery services, including anesthesia by an anesthesiologist, for dental services for members who cannot safely be treated in the dental office. It...

Physical Therapy Auto-Approval Policy Update

Audience: Physical Therapists

We would like you to be aware that initial physical therapy preauthorization requests submitted on or after June 25, 2021 will automatically be approved for 20 visits per contract or calendar year. This applies to Commercial, Medicare and Essential Plan lines of business....

Essential Plan Vision Benefit Update Effective June 1, 2021

Audience: Participating Vision Care Providers

We would like you to be aware of important changes to our Essential Plan products that were part of the 2021-2022 New York state budget. Effective June 1, 2021, all Essential Plan products include vision benefits with no member cost-share. This applies to all Essential...

Reminder: Upcoming Clinical Editing Dispute Process Change

Audience: All providers

Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for you to conduct your daily business with our Health Plan. We remind you that we will streamline our process for filing a clinical editing dispute (CE) effective June 1, 2021. Notable Changes: Effective June 1, if...

June Behavioral Health Provider Training

Audience: All Providers

Univera Healthcare will host the following educational training sessions via webinar format in the month of June. All providers are welcome! You can access registration information from the Staff Training area on our website, Please...

HIV-Experienced Physician Identification

Audience: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Univera Healthcare is required by the New York State Department of Health to identify participating practitioners who have experience treating HIV/AIDS patients and to make this information available to members in our Provider Directory. An HIV-experienced practitioner...

Browser Update

Audience: All Providers

Our website is important to your daily business with our Health Plan. We want you to have the best user experience possible. Be aware that the website is designed to be supported best by Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. Internet Explorer is no longer supported...

Psoriasis Laser Treatment Administrative Policy Effective September 1, 2021

Audience: Participating Physicians

Univera Healthcare is implementing the following administrative policy effective September 1, 2021, to define coverage and billing guidelines for laser treatment of psoriasis billed by providers contracted to provide this service. You can access the individual policies by...

Memorial Day Pay Cycle Information

Audience: All Providers

There will be a change to our pay cycle schedule for all lines of business due to the Memorial Day holiday. These schedule changes will not affect your payment amount. Payments and remittance information will be transmitted to our remittance vendors, InstaMed® and Zelis®...

Vitamin D Testing Reminders

Audience: Primary Care Providers

Univera Healthcare’s medical policy 2.02.45, Screening for Vitamin D DeficiencyOpen a PDF, includes criteria used to determine coverage for vitamin D deficiency screening when it is considered medically appropriate for high-risk individuals. Screening for vitamin D...

Preauthorization Updates Effective August 1, 2021 for All Lines of Business Requiring Preauthorization

Audience: All Providers

We would like to share updates regarding preauthorization under our Utilization Management (UM) Program. The UM Program gives Univera Healthcare and its health care provider partners the opportunity to monitor medical episodes of care to prevent unnecessary treatment and...

Showing 1– 15 of 115 Results
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