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Medical Utilization Management Updates

Audience: All Providers, Facilities, Hospitals

We would like to share an overview with you regarding our standard medical Utilization Management (UM) Program updates coming soon. Breast reconstruction, including implant insertion, removal or reinsertion continues to require pre-authorization unless the member...

Reminder: Refund Request Notification Process

Audience: All providers

We are writing to remind you of our automated notification process for requesting a refund on any claim we paid or overpaid in error. When we process a retraction for claims we paid or overpaid in error, a refund request is immediately generated if we are unable to...

De-Implementing Temporary COVID-19 Hospital Contingencies

Audience: Participating Hospitals

On June 26, 2020, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS) issued Supplement No. 2 to its Insurance Circular Letter No. 8. The supplement provides guidance that permits health insurers, including Univera Healthcare, to resume preauthorization,...

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News and Updates - Healthcare Reform

Health Care Reform

Read the latest health reform news & information from Univer Healthcare.

Health Care Reform Updates

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