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ProgenyHealth Neonatal Intensive Care Program Update and Reminders

We would like you to be aware that our Neonatal Intensive Care Program in partnership with ProgenyHealth, Inc., an independent company, will soon be available to an additional number of our members, some of whom may be your patients. As always, be sure to check...

Medicaid Managed Care Claims Testing Opportunity for Children's Behavioral Health Services

We are conducting validation testing to help ensure successful submission of behavioral health claims in preparation for the Medicaid managed care children’s home and community-based services implementation on October 1, 2019. Our goal is to validate that business...

Behavioral Health Services for Children Covered by Medicaid Managed Care Effective July 1

We would like to provide you with information related to the second phase of the New York State Children’s Health and Behavioral Health Medicaid System Transformation, which will occur July 1, 2019. Univera Healthcare (“Health Plan”) will implement several...

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  • Telemedicine Gaining Acceptance as Care Access Method
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