Submitting Medicare Part D Claims

For Processing Medicare Part D Vaccine & Administration Claims

Univera Healthcare now offers you an online option for processing Medicare Part D vaccine and administration claims with TransactRx™ Part D Vaccine Manager. TransactRx, a product of Dispensing Solutions, Inc. (DSI), is a Web portal that provides physicians with real-time claims processing for all in-office administered Medicare Part D vaccines. For example, with TransactRx, a physician's office can bill Univera Healthcare online when administering the shingles vaccine, ShingrixTM, to Medicare Part D members.

Enroll in Transact Rx at no cost for a simple and convenient way to submit Medicare Part D vaccine and administration claims.
This new online option gives you a faster, more efficient way to submit these claims by having the ability to:

  • Verify members' eligibility and benefits in real-time
  • Advise patients of their appropriate out-of-pocket expense
  • Submit vaccine claims electronically
  • Receive reimbursement information in real-time

It's Easy to Get Started
Go to today for a simple one-time online enrollment process to start taking advantage of this easy new way to process Medicare Part D vaccine and administration claims.

Physicians must accept the Univera Healthcare reimbursement amount (including member's copayment) as payment in full when using TransactRx to file a Medicare Part D vaccine claim. 

For questions regarding TransactRx enrollment and claims processing, please call the TransactRx customer support center at 1-866-522-3386.


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