SDS Provider Portal

Smart Data Solutions, Inc. (“SDS”), an independent company, has designed a web-based submission method to allow providers to:

Electronically submit documentation for pre-service/prospective and concurrent reviews to the Utilization Management (UM) department via the UM Submission Portal.

  • This does not replace existing CareAdvance ProviderTM (CAP) submission processes.
  • This is an alternative to faxing for documentation that cannot be sent through CAP.

Electronically submit documents via the Virtual Mailbox.

  • This is an alternative to mailing document(s) to our PO Box in Eagan, MN.

How to submit documents via the UM Submission Portal or Virtual Mailbox

Step 1: Register a main account for your office

Complete the registration form by entering:

  1. Provider Name (i.e. Name of Provider’s Office/Facility), Tax ID and NPI
  2. Contact Name, Phone Number and Email – this individual will be the Account Administrator
  3. Password

After selecting “Submit”, check for an email from Stream Enrollment to obtain your User ID (CH#####) and URL to access the SDS Portal.

Instructions are available at:

Step 2: Log into the SDS Provider Portal

  • We recommend using the SDS Provider Portal with a more recent browser, such as Google Chrome, for the best experience.
  • Files submitted must be less than 30MBs, not password protected and in one of the following formats: PDF (.pdf), TIFF (.tif/.tiff), PNG (.png), JPG (.jpg), and Word (.doc/.docx).

Step 3: Do you need to submit documentation for pre-service/prospective and concurrent reviews to our Utilization Management (UM) department?

Utilize SDS’ UM Submission Portal as an alternative to faxing documentation.

UM Submission Portal - Line of Business:

  • Utilization Management (UM) Inpatient/DME (800-292-5109)
  • UM Outpatient (800-222-8182)
  • UM Skilled Nursing (315-731-2529) – (Alternate number 877-220-4609)
  • UM Behavioral Health (585-399-6640)
  • SafetyNet UM - Health Risk Assessments (866-838-7617)
  • SafetyNet UM - Behavioral Health (844-878-6989 / 844-247-9450)
  • SafetyNet UM - Care/Case Management (855-346-4418)
  • SafetyNet UM - Medical Specialty Drug (MSD) (855-346-4418)
  • SafetyNet UM - LTSS (844-620-7013)
  • SafetyNet UM - Medical Non-Urgent (844-279-7140)
  • SafetyNet UM - Urgent/Concurrent (855-742-0126)

UM Submission Portal – Form Type:

  • Urgent = Services within next 48 hours
  • Non-Urgent = Services more than 48 hours from submission

Instructions are available at:

Step 4: Do you need to send documentation to our PO Box in Eagan, MN?

Utilize SDS’ Virtual Mailbox as an alternative to mailing documents.

Instructions are available at:


Contact your Provider Relations representative, or Customer Care:

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